Supporting Organisations

Business is increasingly being recognised by governments and humanitarian organisations as a legitimate stakeholder in rural development.

Funding organisations

The group provides a platform for donors to interact with key stakeholders in smallholder agriculture. Partnerships with private sector have the potential to dramatically increase the efficient use of public funds, programme impact and success.


The NGO’s involved in the MLA are implementing development-oriented programmes, many of which involve the private sector. The insight gained through participating in MLA activities help them to adapt existing programmes or design improved ones.


Government exerts an overriding influence on facilitating market linkages primarily through the creation of a supportive enabling environment. Government can support market linkages by creating favourable conditions for political stability, general legislation, industry regulation, public utilities, community services, quarantine controls, plant pathology, environment and land tenure. The MLA provides a useful platform for government to gain insight into factors affecting market linkages.

Image by APT/WHH